With the growing role of financial brokers in securities exchange trading operations in stock markets and their monopoly of buying and selling securities for the account of investors in the financial markets, this has led to the emergence of many disputes between financial brokers and their clients resulting from buying and selling orders for the purpose of concluding trading operations issued by the investor for financial intermediate.

Because of the technical nature of securities exchange trading operations, many countries have sought to find appropriate means to settle such disputes of a special nature, and found that arbitration is one of the most appropriate means for resolving this type of disputes that may arise between the financial intermediate and the client, as it provides a quick dispute settlement, and provide specialized expertise in the jurisprudence of transactions and financial markets, in which traders in the field of financial markets seek to provide for resolving their disputes related to securities exchange trading operations.

Therefore, this study sought to examine the arbitration rules mentioned in resolving disputes in the stock exchange markets and commodities and know the extent of their compatibility with the rules contained in the Emirates Arbitration Law and clarify the aspects of compatibility and disagreement between them and remove the ambiguity that some of its texts may contribute to encourage investors to resort to arbitration to settle disputes arising between investors and financial brokers resulting from securities exchange trading operations.