The most serious damage to human and other living organisms at present is the damage of genetically modified organisms, where they can eventually be used as weapons of mass destruction in the form of a bacteriological war that destroys human civilization, we will present the problem in terms of: Identification of genetically modified organisms by determining their scope, and to identify the aspects of the damage resulting from them, and how to compensate each type of species, whether it is related to plant, animal, human or the environment. We then present the legal basis for civil liability resulting from damage to GMOs, insofar as it can be founded on a fault that should be proven, or on a presupposed fault, or on the idea of objective responsibility based on the idea of risk (proven damage) and not the fault or presupposed fault. Finally, we offer to compensate civil liability for damage caused by genetically modified organisms, whether in-kind compensation as the most appropriate means of remedying such damage, or alternative cash compensation for the form of compensation, and the means of assessment. We then offer the means to evade the defendant from liability in the claim of liability and turn aside his liability or reduce