The study is concerned with two issues: civil liability for damage resulting from the use of unmanned aircraft (drones), and compensation for damage caused by it.

It is concerned with the drones used by individuals and companies in the private sector and not those used by the state. It also deals only with the civil use of the drones, not the military use.

In this regard, the study analyze the current legislative situation in the United Arab of Emirates in order to determine the success of the UAE legislator in reducing the risks and potential problems related to the damage caused by the Drones not only to persons and their property, but also to their private lives and own data.

The study also deals with the issue of compensation for damages caused by the Drones by highlighting the mandatory civil liability insurance imposed by the General Civil Aviation Authority on the operators of the Drones in order to determine its effectiveness under the current situation of local insurance companies.

The researcher concluded that it is necessary to make some amendments to the Drones regulations, and he suggested some solutions that might contribute to solving the problems that this new technology will bring about locally and regionally.

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