The principle of criminalizing the contempt of religions takes a high position among the general principles that prevail in the legal system of any state to guarantee that all individuals in the society can live in harmony and agreement regardless of the differences that may stem from culture, religion or race. In agreement with this trend, the UAE legislator issued Law No. (2) in 2015 for preventing discrimination and hatred which requires the criminalization of acts associated with the contempt of religions and their holy sites and the fight against all forms of discrimination and rejection of hatred speech in the form of a system of sanctions that ensure the achievement of the public and private deterrence. Such law comes in compliance with Islamic law and its purposes that calls for the guarantee of freedom of religion for non-Muslims in the Islamic states and the prevalence of the spirit of religious tolerance and prohibition the contempt of heavenly religions. To this end, scholars set jurisprudential rules that achieve peaceful coexistence and guarantee living together away from partisanship or fanaticism, which are derived from the moderation of Islamic law.

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