The objective of the study of the justification for legal publicity leasing contract of movables, is the search for the true beneficiary of this kind of publicity, board people think that the beneficiary is the weaker party in the consumer relations and consumer- Economic aid in the leasing contract reliance-. This is what the legislator tried to do if the talk was about the reciprocal obligations in this contract, sought to protect economic help to the lessee of the arbitrariness of the lessor-which in this area. The latter should prepare a kind of model contracts may contain arbitrary conditions in the right of the Lessee, recapitalizing nodal balance be in the interest of economic help which is the weaker party in this relationship. On the contrary, the aim of the legal publicity leasing contract of mobile, in fact, is in the interests of the others and protection of commercial life fast and credit and because of the apparent situation shows that the ownership of the leased things to replace the contract are the lessee and not the lessor in accordance with the rule of the tenure in transferred title to the property as the legislator's desire according to the requirements of commercial life to grant more than the guarantees of the institutions working in this field in order to ensure their continuity in this type of contract.

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