Very bad results and dangerous consequences might be the outcome of a simple mistake in the process of medicine production or manufacturing. This danger aggravates and the problem increasingly complicates in the case that these damages and dangers do not appear but after a period of time that might extend to generations, and that such symptoms were not expected upon production.

In the event that there is no legislation in the UAE law to regulate the responsibility of the producer for his dangerous products, the general rules in the contractual responsibility shall be studied, there appropriateness and sufficiency to provide protection to consumers shall be defined, and the responsibilities of producers and sellers shall be determined in the light of the growing profits generated by this industry.

I have discussed in this research the defective medicine, presenting what is meant by medicine producer, defective medicine, as well as, the contractual responsibility for the defective medicine, explaining the specialty of the medicine producer obligations, and the appropriateness of the warranty rules of concealed defects of Pharmaceutical Industries.

The most important thing I have deduced from this research is that the law texts of pharmacy profession and pharmaceutical institutions are devoid of the definition of the concept of defective medicine, the Federal Law does not include a unified law to regulate the provisions related to human health, and his safety in terms of food, treatment, medicine, and cosmetics, and to bring together the texts scattered in the internal laws.