Insurance draws attention as a sector that is understood much better in terms of its importance especially in recent years globally, the protection and compensation is considered one of the images of cooperative insurance, which provides service to members of the participating clubs or shareholders (the insured) in the club in a collaborative way. These clubs are not intended primarily to make a profit, and through the initiative of the participating members to make contributions as a form of donation to be cooperative insurance fund. These donations are used to compensate the members when a maritime hazard is insured against occurred. If participations increased more than compensations, expenses, and reserves, then, the insurance surplus is distributed to the members of the club. The most important characteristic of the cooperative insurance when compared to the commercial insurance is that the compensation of the member of the club is a probabilistic; it may happen or may not happen.

Based on the foregoing, we reviewed many doctrinal studies to demonstrate the fact of compensation in the cooperative insurance provided by protection and indemnity clubs. And whether the cooperative insurance is a compensatory insurance as the insurance on other objects, or securing lump-like the insurance on individuals? Specifically in the absence of a special uniform international legislation addresses this type of insurance. Due to all of these facts, we led the discussion in this paper for the importance of such subject and its effects on the workers in the field of maritime transport industry such as ship-owners, operators, charterers, and other stakeholders, since this type of insurance became a strong contender to the commercial insurance, and occupies more than 90% of the insurance market