Political responsibility is an effective tool of control by the parliamentary authority in the face of executive power. It can be expressed in the U.S. presidential system as political impeachment , a constitutional mechanism practiced by the U.S. Congress , under which they isolate any of the civilian staff members of the executive branch or members of the judiciary , including U.S. President or Vice President in the event of the commission of any of them the crime of treason , bribery or other crimes or misdemeanors. It cannot be understated constitutional provision on such suit or refer to them as in a presidential system in the U.S. A, but it is necessary to deal with such constitutional texts with a high degree of attention , hence emerged the importance of research, highlighting the most important features of this option in constitutional terms of the essence and nature of the legal system. The study aims to consolidate the thought of the constitutional Arab world, especially with the lack of political will to adopt such options and the lack of responsibility therein.

The main issues raised by this study are required legal nature of the jurisdiction of the Parliament in the trial of members of the executive and the judiciary, especially in light of granting the Constitution the right of the parliament, or in other words, is this trial in the case of political nature, criminal or political or disciplinary? To processing this problematic, the analytical method followed sometimes and other times descriptive method.

The study is divided into two sections: the first addresses the definition of political impeachment, and the second: the legal system to support this mechanism, and the main conclusions of the study is that this mechanism must be supported by the constitution as it comes guarantee for non-deviation of the executive or judicial authorities. This means it cannot be introduced without the constitutional to support the exercise of such a jurisdiction by a public authority must be based on a legal text no less significant than the one which gives jurisdiction to apply it.