The eyes of the world are looking to outer space as a source for a number of opportunities that opened up in front of it to advance civilization and contribute to the political and economic filed. Therefore, developed countries started their race to explore the outer space and try to dominate it since the sixties of the last century.

From 1963, and in order to unify efforts and encourage international cooperation in the field of exploration and use of outer space, the United Nations intervened to declare the principles and issue decisions and legislation agreements that contribute to the development of mutual understanding and strength relations among nations. The United Arab Emirates has sought since its establishment to found for itself a place in outer space, eager to take advantage of the opportunities offered. Therefore, UAE established a number of national companies that deal with satellite, telecommunications, and it topped the countries Middle East in the field of communications satellites and multi-service industry such as telecommunications, television broadcasting, Internet services, earth observation and remote sensing. The UAE had earlier announced the creation of space agency, and the begging of the work to send the first probe Arabic up to Mars by the year 2021. This declaration has raised many questions about the legislative situation in the UAE regarding the exploration and use of outer space, besides UAE’s international position in terms of the rights and obligations upon international conventions and agreements specially the UN Treaties. In this regard, this research is the first thesis on the position of the United Arab Emirates of international conventions concerning outer space under the umbrella of the United Nations, that detailed in its rights and obligations, besides providing an analytical study of the texts of the United Nations conventions concerning outer space, both conventions ratified the UAE or that have not yet ratified .

In conclusion, this study confirms that the UAE is of influential countries and effective in the field of exploration and use of outer space. The UAE ratified three UN international conventions concerning outer space, enjoy a number of rights, as it has fulfilled its obligations internationally, however, UAE still needed to enact federal legislation regarding outer space, and consider acceding to the moon Agreements and rescue Agreement as soon as possible