The Jordanian legislator has adopted voluntary arbitration system as an alternative means for the state judiciary to resolve the disputes between the traders in the national capital market of Jordan. Parties often seek to resolve their disputes through arbitration because of a number of perceived potential advantages over judicial proceedings: arbitration is often faster than litigation in court, it can be cheaper and more flexible for businesses, and arbitral proceedings are generally non-public and can be made confidential.

So, we discussed in this research the legal provisions for arbitration in light of rules and regulations of the Amman Stock Exchange of 2004 and according to the Jordanian Arbitration Law No. 31 of 2001. we observed that its necessary to re-study the instructions to Jordanian regulations concerning the disputes between traders as the legal rules contained in the Arbitration Act do not take into account the element of speed in addition these rules alone are not sufficient and comprehensive to resolve all the problems.