The system of competency assessment has a special importance in public employment because it is one of the tools that are used to assess the capability of the employees and their ability to satisfy their public duties, as well as their roles to achieve the goals of the administrative department in managing the public facility and attaining the public interest.

The system of competency assessment seeks to achieve many objectives, the most important of which are: the advancement of the service that the public facility is providing, the improvement of the programs and methods of appointing employees and their training; the detection of the administration's errors and problems; and the improvement of the competency of employees.

This study will include the legal organization of the competency assessment in Kuwaiti civil service law, by identifying the public employees who are subject to this system and those who are making it. In addition, this study will shed the light on the assessment process, factors, and hierarchy. The time of assessment, steps, publicity, and effects will be covered in this study. Finally, the complaint about the competency assessment and the judicial appeal will be subject to discussion in the study