This study aims at providing information on why a large number of endowments are either scattered and misused or invested in a non strategic manner. Furthermore, this study shows the work on the analysis of existing conditions and potential for change for the purpose of activating or improving performance, developing or investing endowment in the right way. This objective is seen to be the main goal of any current endowment foundation and is aimed at better outcomes of endowment resources in the society. This study will also give a jurisprudence point of view on the rule of reconstruction and development of endowment, taking into account a number of fundamental issues such as the continuity of endowment revenue for the beneficiaries, controlling expenditure and maintenance costs, the role of the viewer of the endowment in recognizing the endowment ability to operate and generate income, and the importance of endowment maintenance to keep this asset ability of operation. This study will also show some old/modern investment tools with a contemporary application in the reconstruction and activation of endowment giving examples from the endowment in Dubai emirate, where endowments are government-sponsored and administered by the Endowment and Minors Affairs foundation of the Government of Dubai, which was founded in 2004. I will try to shed light on the causes of failure of the role of these endowments, and on the ways to address the reconstruction to be an asset and endowment of the good in the society, the Endowment owner, and the civilization and advancement of the Muslim community. In order to reach satisfactory results, we will divide this study into several key sections, namely:

Section I: Jurisprudence point of view on the reconstruction of the cumbersome endowments.

Section II: mechanisms for the reconstruction of suspended endowments.

Section III: A study of the reconstruction of suspended endowments by the Endowment and Minors affairs foundation.

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