The electronic press is the most widespread form of mass media represented by press publication services through websites publishing news, reports, investigations and press articles. It enjoys a lot of freedom and self-expression; however, such excessive freedom and self-expression is not absolute, for there are standard morals of press occupation governed basically by general disciplines, such as honesty and truth which have the ultimate aim of improving the performance of mass media and controlling mass media for the benefit of society and its issues.

Individuals harmed as a result of electronic publication as well as those who suffer from slander on the internet have the right to claim compensation. The electronic publishers are responsible for what is written on their websites professionally and legally. Also, the owners of electronic papers are responsible for what is written on their websites if such publications cause harm to others. Such responsibility is governed by general rules in the civil law as a result of absence of legislative regulations for such modern press.

There is, then, a dire need for looking for professional criteria and moral regulations for the use of electronic press. The great duties enjoyed by the electronic mass media institutions and electronic mass and press media are represented by the necessity of applying laws and activating professional charters to call in question those responsible for publishing all that causing harm to others in order to keep free opinions and self-expression intact and preventing any insult to others. Taking responsibility is, then, the one aspect which protects the press whether traditional or electronic. The study also points to the necessity of not leaving the electronic press unrestricted and unregulated.