This study deals with the right of withdrawal, which is one of the legal means to protect consumers in contracts. Due to the rapid developments of marketing techniques used by traders to promote the sales of their products, it has become important for legislators to intervene to protect consumers. Due to such marketing techniques, consumers may not have time to make sure they need the offered products in doorstep selling contracts. The same situation may apply in distance selling contracts where consumers usually do not have the chance to actually see the offered products and may find out late they do not satisfy their needs or are contrary to their expectations at the time of making the contract.

As the consumer's right of withdrawal has not been adopted yet under the Jordanian Law, this study examines the sufficiency of the general rules to protect the consumers in such kinds of contract and whether or not there is a need to adopt the consumer's right of withdrawal under the Jordanian Law. To attain this aim, this study explains the significance, justifications, scope, and application of the right of withdrawal. It also distinguishes between this right and other similar rights provided for under the Jordanian Law. It also examines the means of avoiding consumer's abuse of the right of withdrawal. At the end, the study recommends the adoption of the consumer's right of withdrawal under the Jordanian Law.

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