This paper deals with the lien and the selling of the Securities of Public Shareholding Companies. The subject matter of this paper is a comparative study of between the GCC Unified Civil Procedural Laws, National Civil Procedural Laws of the Countries of the Gulf Co-operation Council and the Jordanian Law. This paper is divided in two chapters, chapter one is dealing with the lien of the Securities and chapter two is relating to the selling of the Securities.

This paper concludes that the instruction governing the lien of securities is that of the lien of the debtor’s movables in the possession of a third party. However, such instruction is in need of some necessary amendments. Moreover, the paper concludes that the procedures which are governing the selling of debtor’s securities are different from the procedures which are followed in selling the debtor’s movable. This paper suggests that there should be a special legislation deals with the issues of lien and selling of securities taking into consideration the nature of securities, its transferability and the procedures of transferability.