The Jordanian government has shown some hesitation in issuing an Act for the protecting of consumers against the unfair practices that might be committed by suppliers. Yet, it has, under the pressure of many private organizations and academics, drafted a proposed Bill to this end, which needs many legislative steps before becoming binding Act.

This study provides an analytical and critical account of the effectiveness of this Bill through exploring two of its main areas. The first area involves the scope of the protection provided by the Bill (the proposed Act), while the second, and covers the techniques adopted for the enforcement of this Bill. These areas are chosen because it is rightfully believed that the effectiveness of the Act under discussion depends on the matters included within its scope. The lawmaker should be vigilant in selecting the areas that need to be targeted by the Act in the light of the underpinning reasons and the philosophy of the Act. Furthermore, the law makers should adopt effective means and techniques for enforcing its rules.