Technical regulations are not enough measures to provide lawful protection of goods distribution networks when it comes to electronic distribution. There is a need for other regulations that aim to regulate processes within the network and outside it, i.e. internally and externally. In fact, distribution contracts include a personal consideration. The distributors are chosen according to conditions and standards which aim to represent the network and respond to consumers' needs, so the network works as one entity. The nature of the relationship between the supplier and the distributor dictates that the first party imposes a group of conditions and restrictions to guarantee that the operation of the network goes smoothly. In addition, the establishment of these electronic networks is accompanied by the emergence of other unconventional networks called "Parallel Resale Networks" which sell the same products at lower prices and easier terms.

This study divides section two titled Regulatory Criteria of Electronic Distribution Networks into two subsections:

Subsection One: Regulatory criteria of the internal relationships of the Electronic Distribution Networks.

Subsection Two: Regulatory criteria of the external relationships of the Electronic Distribution Networks.