This research covers the subject of Arbitrating between the Couples when conflict occurs between them. This paper shows the meaning of Arbitrating, conflict and any other terms related to them. Arbitrating aims at bringing peace and resolve conflicts between the Couples which serves the objectives of shari'a. The paperalso shows its importance and the conditions and character is tics of Arbitrators.

The paper discussing the phases of this process, beginning by the agreement on arbitrating as a method to solve the conflict, and the stay of the a garment between the opponents and the arbitrator and assigning recognizable as a start for the process.

The research shows that the main aim of arbitrating is brigading tolerance between the Couples whenever it is possible they failed, divorce occurs. If compensation was sentenced due to insulation, the amount of insult is taken from the wife's dowry. The rate of her dowry is to be given to her. The report sent to the judge should have certain conditions.

The importance of this research lies in the role of arbitration in keeping the unity of the family and in reducing the member of divorce in the Muslim community, and it also appears in the authenticity of arbitration in conflicts between Couples. This research appears the steps of development effectuation of the arbitration in Jordanian legal Judiciary through put the criterions that judges and Arbitrators use it

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