Despite the vastness of the seas and oceans, and in spite of the technical developments in marine navigation, many maritime collisions among ships and tankers occur. These collisions may be due to various reasons such as the enormous size of modern tankers and ships as well as the high navigation speeds they travel at. However, in our opinion, human error is the main reason behind such collisions.

The result of maritime collisions maybe fatal and may cause enormous financial loss, and in the case of petrol tanker collisions enormous beach and sea pollution maybe the result. Such maritime collisions may lead to protracted and complex legal processes which tend to involve many parties. These parties do not only include owners of the cargoes on board of accident involved ships, but also injured persons and personnel, cargo insurers, and hull underwriters among many.

The purpose of this paper is to examine maritime collision under UAE Maritime Code of law via the following:


1. Definition of what maritime collision is and its types

2. Collision liability

3. Fault determination

4. The divided damage rule

5. Damage determination