The aim of this study (The Islamic Endowment and its roles in keeping the goals of Islam) is to highlight the meaning and importance of endowment in Islamic sharia, as it is a recommended act. This study is divided into six topics and a conclusion. The first topic focuses on the definition of the endowment, its kinds, and its ruling. The second topic focuses on the roles of the endowment in maintaining the religion, by giving the meaning of Islam, its importance, and how it treats Muslims and non-Muslims. The third topic focuses on the role of Islamic endowment in building the Land (earth) to secure public interest. The fourth focuses on the role of Islamic endowment in maintaining life on the land through the solidarity of the people as equal, and it is passed to maintains the balance of the environment. The fifth topic focuses the roles of the Islamic endowment in preservations the mind and development of the power of Muslims and non-Muslims to be creative. The sixth topic focuses on the role of the Islamic endowment in keeping the wealth by Preservations the original wealth from vanishing and making the money current (widespread) between the people to build social balance. The conclusion of the research includes the main result and some recommendations

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