A critical examination of the interpretation of scholars for Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed –peace be upon him- “Imams from Quraish” (Leaders hi in Quraish), reveals that a change has occurred in the understanding of the Hadith and its implications. In the past, Quraish was powerful among the tribes and Imama (leadership) was appropriate for them because people used to follow them and to be loyal to them. However, this status began to fade and people no longer followed Quraish as before. Consequently, as the status of Quraish has shaken, the concept of the Hadith started to change in the perspective of the interpreters. While the previous scholars stated Quraishiyyah as a condition for Imama, no body nowadays asks for this condition.

The researcher arrived at the conclusion that Quraishiyyah is only apriority. So if a Quraishi and another man competed and they had the same level of competency, the Quraishi is given the priority. Whereas if the other man exceeded the Qurasihi in his characteristics and competence and was more qualified for the position, he has the right to take it and no consideration for the Quriashi. Leadership or imama is not limited to Quraish. This is understood from the different stories that indicate that Imama is not restricted to Quraish but it will be in them as long as they fear Allah and take his path. Otherwise their right will be dropped. The issue is not an issue of tribe and its power since that is not one of the aims of Imam but the aims of Imama is being powerful and strong and to defend the Ummah from Evils

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