The great wisdom of God declares that Islam is the culmination of all religions and that his prophet and messenger Mohamed has been chosen for this religion. God saved the Quraan (which is suitable for all time and all generations) enduring forever from any changes by the characteristic of its fundamentals and basis of this religion.

The adversaries of Islam knew that the power of this religion stems from its sources which are Quraan and Sonah, and they have been trying to convert Muslims and change the Islamic laws to suit the Western laws. Their intention is to destroy the Islamic believers and turn them to disbelievers or make a disturbance for them. They also realize that there is no way to control the Muslim World as long as they adhere to their Islamic laws in their different aspects of life such as the social, economical and political system.

The word "Secularism" in Arabic means "Elmani" which is equivalent to science dependent society. This makes it attractive to certain groups of people, but in fact the actual meaning of this word is "not specifically related to a religious body".

Secularism is based on fallacy which claims that religion is only found to be practiced in the mosque as in prayers, zakah, fasting and so on.

In this research secularism was examined in terms of its meaning, origin and its effect on the secular society. The paper also dealt with the result of applying Secular system on the Islamic society

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