The research has tackled and studied an original manuscript of a book entitled (Assuring the truth at the Reading of Edigham). Written by the great Morroccan scholar, Ibn El-kadi Abd ulRahman Bin Abi El-Kasim who died in 1671 G- 1082 A.H.

The book's subject is about "Al-Idgham Al Kabeer" as explained by Abi Amr Al-BAsry. This research is written in two parts, a part for study, the other for the vertified text.

The study included the description of the manuscript, the cause of studying and verifying it, the method of study followed by the author, his references and his previous writings. It also included a complete biography of the author, mentioning the details of his birth, his studies, his behaviors, his social status, his writings, his poems, old-age and his death. In it, I have talked about my task at the verification and the analysis of the manuscripts which included punctuating the verses according to the method of Al- Susie, correcting the found mistakes, completing the missing parts, putting titles for the issues and accurate calculation of the places of big Idghan with its different types.

I have initiated the study of the book by an introduction about Al-Idghanm , its meaning , its types, its obligations.

The verified text included the Author's book along with corrections of the mistakes he did as well as completing what was forgotten.

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