The legal rulings had came free from useless ramifications and divisions. The purpose was to make things easy for people. So avoiding ramification at the time of legislation was a certain objective among the objectives of the Legislator that prevailed in all His rulings except for the domain of worship. What further strengthened the foundation of leniency is the existence of a space that is free from legislation, the usuli scholars labeled as the space or the position of Al-'afu. This research is devoted to discuss the issue of this position and its place in the usuli research. Light is shed upon its concept and its relationship with similar terms such as permission, free selection, allowably and etc. Legal authentification was sought for the concept of Al-'afu and the reason why so many usuli scholars did not investigate this concept in their usuli studies, were explained. This study, furthermore, attempted to find out to what extent this concept could be applied? Could it be applied so to include all new events occurring to people after the epoch of Revelation? Moreover, this study tried to refute the allegation claming that the jurists had restricted this position through various interpretations and they have expanded the area of obligation and prohibition on the expense of the area of Al-'afu. Sources of the position of Al-'afu in usuli research were identified and finally the results of the study were cited

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