Remarkably, there has been an argument about the number of the Holy Quran’s verses, some descended in Mecca and others descended in Madinah and why and what they descended for. This book includes a firmly religious and scientific ground enriching the reader by the decisive evidences for confirming the number of the Holy verses and a persuasive counterattack against those who say that Sahaba kept back some verses.

In addition to the recommendation of Al-Hafiz Al Zahabi and Ibn AL Jazri, many evidences converge together to prove the truth of this religious researcher:

- His dedication to Islamic Divinity after leaving Baksra, his town in the far west along to reach Fargana in the far east of Turkey.

- Meeting Islamic, renowned personalities.

- The comprehensiveness of his book came from his long fruitful journey.

This study, for the first time, sheds light on the famous wonderer Ibn Al Hathali after nearly 960 years of his death

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