This article was started by an introduction about the importance of international contract in International Relations, whether according to individuals or countries.

In chapter One, we discussed the concept of international contract, the difference between local and international contract. In section 1 of this chapter we discussed the definition of both: international and local contracts according to lawful and economic stands, where which we explain them according to law and jurisprudence. In sec. 2 we studied the juridical exertion of both: this application and lawful and economic applications in French judgment. In sec. 3 we discussed the juridical exertion where we detailed our opinion on it.

In chapter Two, we discussed what law should be applied on International contract, in sec. 1 we discussed the choice of contract law, the principle of will, and the sorts of will choices. In sec. 2 we talked about the determination of contract law at the absence of different parts choices. We ended by presenting the attitudes of Arabic laws, and our desire to adopt a flexible base of support