We started this article by an introduction regarding the importance of Computer, its parts, and the meaning of program and its sorts. In Chapter One we talked about the firmness of the utility of (money) on Computer programs, this chapter consists of three sections, in sec. 1 we talked about the attitudes of legislations regarding the firmness of the utility of (money) on Computer programs, these legislations are quite differed in their definition to robbery and its applications on the concept of money and things, we also detailed that computer has its own material and semantic identity. In sec. 2, we studied that opinion which do not regard computer programs to be money, we also disproved it. In sec. 3, we gave evidences that computer programs have money attribute, we also discussed the nature of computer programs, and the results which depend on mental imagination of this nature.

In Ch. 2, we discussed to what extant computer programs can be submitted to embezzlement doing, in sec.1, we presented the meaning of embezzlement and the opinions on it, particularly the traditional and modern opinions. In sec. 2, we discussed the computer programs under the concept of embezzlement: How non-material things can be submitted to embezzlement, the legislations’ attitude from stealing electricity, the attitude of Jurisprudence and judgment of this matter, and if we can use the same attitude of electricity to be applied to computer programs. In sec. 3, we discussed the problems of computer programs embezzlement.


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