The paper considers the question whether Jaber lbn hayyan had actually initiated empirical methodology. The paper also investigates whether Jabir was drawing on Greek or Islamic sources in devising the empirical methodology. It argues for the possibility that, while it cannot totally rule out that Jabir was exposed to some Greek (Aristotelian) influences, he was heavily drawing upon pristine Islamic sources. These include not only the Qura'n and Hadeth, but also the methodology of Mutakalimeen (Islamic Theologians) and the fasaha' (The Muslim Jurists) . The study of Jabir of the Relevant issues is based on less organized writings, especially his book Al Tasrif, published by Paul Krause . Unfortunately, an important portion of the chapter on allstigra (Induction) is missing from the manuscript published by krouse. This part deals with the very important question of the methodology of al-athar (sayings and doings of the Prophet or the religious authorities, e.g. Infallible Imams). What can we infer, with respect to this methodology of al-athar is also discussed in the light of late Dr. Sarni an-Nashar's interesting remarks on this issue.

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