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This study assessed the research literacy levels among pre-service teachers. The study adopted a descriptive design and sampled 297 pre-service teachers from two Nigerian South-eastern federal universities. Five research questions guided the study. Data was collected using a semi-structured question guide and a self-developed Research Literacy Test (RLT). Rasch model analysis established the unidimensionality and reliability of the research literacy test (RLT). Moreover, mean scores, standard deviations, t-tests and content analysis were used to answer the study research questions. The study findings showed that pre-service teachers' research literacy level was at the information literacy level. Significant differences were not found between males and females in their research literacy components except at the information level; males were generally more research literate than females. Finally, pre-service teachers indicated that they believe their faculties hold a positive disposition towards their acquisition of research literacy.

Keywords: Content Analysis, Gender, Information Literacy, Knowledge of Research Literacy, Pre-service Teachers, Rasch Model Analysis, Research Literacy, Statistical literacy

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