the most important components of the modern state based on the rule of law, which leads to the obligation of public authorities to ensure a degree of stability and steadiness of relationships and legal status, so that people can act with confidence in accordance with the existing legal rules and regulations, and arrange their conditions in its light without the risk of unpredictable actions on the part of public authorities that undermine their legitimate expectations and destabilize their legal positions.

Among the basic requirements for establishing the principle of legal security on the ground, and employing it to protect rights and freedoms, is the existence of a judicial system capable of crystallizing the legal text and applying it in the required manner, so that the judicial system assumes a crucial role in providing a sound legal environment for the enforcement of the principle of legal security and benefiting from it in stabilizing relations and legal status.

We will try, through this research, to identify the truth of the principle of legal security and its most important judicial applications.