Cosmetic injections are a medical procedure, completely different from surgery, where a long-term change occurs in the body. The materials used in this procedure varies by source, whether a human, animal or mineral, which would require to study the ruling of utilizing them in cosmetic or medication.

The research concluded that the ruling of using cosmetic injections varies by functions in terms of filling in facial wrinkles and organs, causing paralysis in muscles, or feeding and motivating the skin. It also varies according to the materials injected into the body in terms of generating them from human, animal or otherwise. Premise of prohibiting to change Allah's creation applies to cosmetic injections that change the physical appearance by enlarging or changing organs permanently for a cosmetic purpose. However, it doesn't apply to cosmetic injections which have a temporary affect or used for medication and remedy defects. Therefore, cosmetic injections prohibited when they lead to a permanent change in the body and permissible when using to motivate and refresh the body using animal materials or pure manufactured materials. Furthermore, injecting body with materials generated from human organs is prohibited for purposes other than medication and remedy.