The research focuses on the importance of the decision of the Minister of Health and Prevention to add (Covid 19) to the schedule of communicable diseases. The decision entails the issuance of administrative regulations to control the spread of (Covid19) and the strict enforcement of Federal Criminal Code

The research discusses the problematic legal basis for delegating the power to the Federal Public Prosecutor to determine violations of the precautionary measures imposed to limit the spread of the Corona virus (Covid 19).) and to decide the value of the fines against the violations of the precautionary measures

It also examines whether the competence of the Federal Attorney General is considered as an exclusive competence; or a general one which can be exercised by members of the Federal Public Prosecution

Finally, the research raises the problem of defining the criterion separating between the administrative and the judicial competencies assigned to the Federal Prosecution for Emergencies, Crises and Disasters for violating the precautionary measures, instructions and duties imposed to curb the spread of (Covid 19)

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