Due to the extraordinary emergency conditions that countries face and affect the performance of administrative authorities and their ability to provide services in public facilities, there is no doubt the emergency conditions that the world is witnessing at the present time, such as the Corona pandemic, has established the necessity towards the development of administrative authorities’ agencies for their digital utilities. And the use of artificial intelligence technologies and their development to enable them to make an administrative decision instead of the human employee.

Then the question arises: Can we, in light of the technological developments that we live now, use artificial intelligence techniques to automate administrative activities to be completed in whole or in part through technical programs that accomplish administrative treatment with artificial discretion without the intervention of the human employee? Is it possible to find an electronic device or application that acts as an agent for the administrative authorities and is considered part of it that accomplishes the transaction by programming it with data and information that enables it to estimate the extent of the applicant's entitlement to the service provided and then issue a decision? Can we use artificial intelligence applications that allow self-learning to apply and make it perform administrative work that exceeds the work of the human employee? Are applications of artificial assessment suitable in all administrative work, or are there any of them that require maintaining the presence of the human employee? Could artificial discretion applications be a means of controlling the public discretion of a public employee that is sometimes used arbitrarily toward the public?