The need Settlement of disputes arising from bank credit between national and Vehicle accidents pose a great danger to people's lives and property, which is why, decades ago, the United Arab Emirates turned towards the path followed by the vast majority of Arab and foreign countries, which is the regulation of compulsory insurance on the civil liability of vehicle accidents.

The Board of Directors of the Insurance Authority issued the unified vehicle insurance policy issued under the system of unification of vehicle insurance policies under Resolution No. (25) Of 2016. This document is a legal system, amending Ministerial Resolution No. (54) of 1987 regarding the unification of car insurance policies, Where this decision referred to the covered risks and general exceptions that are not covered by insurance from civil liability that does not result from them or arise from accidents that occur from the insured vehicle.

Many negatives appeared with this amendment, which put pressure on the Insurance Authority to make two amendments to the provisions of the unified document: the first was within less than a year since its implementation, and the second was in 2018. Therefore, it was necessary to know the impact of the provisions of the unified insurance policy on the rights of both parties to the insurance policy, and the problems that are among the obstacles to applying the policy as it should, which negatively affect the civil liability of the insured. This was evaluating the conditions for verifying civil liability for vehicle accidents, forms of compensation, and evaluating the procedural provisions for claiming coverage.

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