Tort Liability resulting from the infringement of the rights of others by using the Internet under UAE and French law (Comparative study)

We note that the principles of law, including the rules of civil transaction law and many other laws on information technology, play a central role in the establishment of a legal framework of civil liability and the protection of Internet users, whether as suppliers or Internet users, with regard to information and the use of public and private sites and the violation of intellectual property rights on the Internet. As we know that the legislation has put a lot of emphasis in its texts on cybercrime and offender's liability, it is very important to highlight these topics from a civil point of view.

In this context, within the framework of our study, we will define the civil liability resulting from the damage and the application of the legal rules attached to it, and determine the procedures, actions and illegal uses that harm different individuals and entities through the websites, control of websites and the legitimacy of what is posted so as not to break the law.

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