This paper examines the stance of the UAE legislator regarding the use of tele-communication technologies in civil procedures. The legislator authorized the use of electronic mail and fax in judicial notifications in the Federal Law No. (28) Of 2005 on Personal Status.

However, the UAE legislator expanded the use of telecommuting technologies in civil procedures by the Federal Law No. (10) 2017 amending certain provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure. As well as the issuance of the Council of Ministers' Resolution No. (57) of 2018 on the regulation of Civil Procedure Code, which included more details and applications of this use. Finally, the Minister of Justice issued Decree No. (260) for the year 2019 on the Procedural Guide for Organizing Litigation using Electronic Means and Remote Communication in Civil Procedures.

The study examines the use of telecommuting technologies in civil procedures, the validity of its use in litigation and enforcement procedures, as well as the guarantees provided by the legislator to litigants in this use, and finally the legal outcomes arising from this use.