The purpose of this study is to explain the jurisprudential and legal position on the issue of the fact that the cause of death arose from informing the other - through the Social media- by the death of a relative falsely, whether that news was a joke or for the purposes of antagonism and aggression. The study followed the comparative analytical method, the result of this study is: That the sudden bad news for the heart patients is a lethal means, in addition to the agreement jurisprudence and legal position that the act is a murder deliberately and positive punishment if the actor intentionally killing, aware of the suffering of the other side of heart disease aware of the impact of the bad news surprise him. However, if the act is a joke without any knowledge of the perpetrator of the medical circumstances of the other party, as well as the circumstances of the incident confirms the absence of criminal intent; this killing is manslaughter and takes its provisions.

Keywords: homicide, social media, jurisprudence, law.

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