The insurance for terrorist Air-Attacks is considered as a new technique for protection the social interests of the victims of terrorist air accidents. This technique has not occupied a great attention of the legislators, except some of international legislations and national laws, which expressly provide for the compensations of the victims of air terrorism, without founding the legal framework for such compensation. The compensation takes many forms, such as State’s aids or Insurance companies’ compensations.

The dialectic of insurance cannot be tuned, unless after determining the responsibility of wrongdoer who causes the accident of air terrorism. This means, the responsibility of the air transporter, aircraft’s State, or State of the place the plane took off must be determined in order to decide the who will responsible for paying compensation for the victims. Thus, the main question in the current study is that Are the air carrier, or the state of plane or the state of which the plane took off responsible for compensation of the victims of the incidents of air terrorism? And whether this responsibility is decided individually or collectively?

In the current study, the researcher tries to explain who will be civilly responsible for the compensation of victims of the incidents of air terrorism, especially with increasing of such incidents in the air space and the absence of the international conventions and protocols on the air transportation and civil liability of the carrier, by tracing other new solutions for the problem such examining the legal responses and financial sources to the issue of compensation of the victims of the incidents of aviation terrorism.

key words: Insurance. Compensation. Terrorism. Aviation law. Planes

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