Medical responsibility has developed rapidly due to scientific progress and modern medical discoveries. This has been reflected physicians’ practice and their involvement in medical interventions through the legal aspects of medicine and its scientific principles towards their patients. These factors have piled up to give us a new direction in the path of medical responsibility aimed primarily at balancing and protecting the interests of doctors and patients.

This study deals with a very important and precise issue, as it relates to the essence and the basis of the profession of human medicine, namely, the tendency to gradually tighten professional physicians' commitments from commitment to due diligence to strict commitment, because of developments in the path of civil responsibility for physicians. Studies reveal a legislative and judicial bias towards the establishment of medical liability for doctors based on harm, by tightening their professional obligations in exchange for greater protection for patients, in a remarkable development of the rules of civil liability in general and medical liability in particular.

Keywords: Doctor (physician) - Patient - Civil Liability - Compensation - Damage - Obligation of mean - Obligation of result - Obligation of security.