The international registration of trademark is of great importance, as it is protected in all countries of the world.

The Madrid System ensured that international registration of the trademark was facilitated through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Offering many benefits to brand owners. Instead of submitting an internal application for the registration of the mark in each individual country in accordance with different local and regional rules and regulations and paying different fees, the system ensures registration of the mark once a single application has been submitted to the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization For its trademark in all member countries of the Madrid system.

It is remarkable, however, that the GCC countries, with the exception of the Kingdom of Bahrain and Oman, have not joined the Madrid system and are therefore not contracting parties, while many countries of the world have joined the system.

The importance of research in the conception of a legal system aimed at achieving joint action among the GCC countries in the field of international registration of trademarks, especially after the issuance of a unified law for trademarks in the GCC countries in 2007 and which has been ratified by the Supreme Council of the GCC For the Gulf States at its thirty-third session in December 2014 as a mandatory law, as well as the recent and substantial revision of the Madrid System, which came into force on October 31, 2015, under which the Madrid system became very flexible in the registration of trademarks, There are uniform provisions for all trademark applications from around the world.

As the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) enjoys a significant economic position, making it one of the most important commercial markets in the world, and with a secure investment environment, it is important for its commercial companies to invade its global trade markets and gain international protection, within the territory of the Gulf Cooperation Council. On the other hand, it is important for foreign companies abroad to protect their trademarks in the GCC countries through the unified international registration, and the fact that most of the Gulf countries are not bound by the Madrid system do not achieve these or those due legal protection.

The study highlights the Madrid system for the international registration of trademarks and their legal importance, indicating the provisions it guarantees and the various advantages achieved in the GCC countries joining the system. The research also reviews the legal mechanism for the international registration of trademarks in GCC countries and the required amendment of the unified trademark law To the GCC States, as well as the establishment of a unified Gulf Trademark Office.