This study aims to identify and evaluate the international human development indicators, from an Islamic economic perspective, which has been derived from the practices made by the Prophet, peace be upon him, in the field of human development, as well as to examine what is acceptable and what is unacceptable of the international indicators. In order to reach this goal, the research begins with the approach taken by the Prophet, peace be upon him, in the building and formation of the first generation of human resources, and then compare it all with the latest indicators for human development in the modern world, and to try to reach more just and human indicators In light of efficiency and professionalism of the Islamic economics.. The research found that the Islamic approach, applied by the Prophet, peace be upon him, includes specific indicators Such as freedom, justice, perfection, professionalism…etc, which can build unique human resources, as it was built before by the prophet peace be upon him . Key Words: Human development, Indicators, Islamic economy.

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