The Saudi child has many of lawful protection in Saudi law. As his protection laws; which the regulator embodied through it types of harming which the child confronted with, prevent him from having all rights securing his physical, psychological, mental and educational growth, and the counterbalance between these laws and the requirements of life which force the child to work in early age for money is very hard. On the one hand laws of child protection from harming stipulate that any work preventing a child from education is illegal, also make financial abuse of child is an offence and makes that subject himself to legal liability. On the other hand labor laws such as Saudi Labor law work permit for child of certain age under particular controls and restrictions. To conciliate between these laws the law assesses the age of the working child as it should not be less than fifteen years, as it is the age which ensures that the child after it finished the basic education. Also these regulations ban child labor in dangerous works which will harm his health and his physical and mental growth. Further regulations ban child labor in places and work which will cause moral. All of these laws are within bunch of procedures and restrictions which ensure harmless of working child and the Saudi regulator pay attention to the weakness of sanctions for breaking the Provision of the labor law and protection of child from harming so he augment these sanctions at the end of 1436 AH and that complete the unity between labor law, child protection from harming law and the labor law which contain provisions permit juveniles labor.

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