The issuance of Federal Law No. (6) for the year 2010 on the credit information and the decision adopted by the Cabinet Resolution No. (16) for the year 2014 regarding the executive regulations of this law, represents an significant step on reducing the risk of credit. Consequently, this law has required the establishment of particular companies to collect, catalog, preserve and trading of credit information about people, potential borrowers in order to give accurate information and documented financial position about them before making a decision by the banks to finance different financing institutions.

The legislature of the United Arab Emirates through the previous Law has allowed the credit rating of the people, but the Emirati lawmaker has omitted the possibility of a credit rating companies for transacti ons and various debt instruments, as well as granting the legislature omitted these companies right credit rating for debt instruments and Islamic financial transactions, Therefore, the researcher, through this paper, requests to grant corporate credit rating the classification of the terms of reference of transactions and debt instruments, particularly Islamic, and the establishment of a private credit rating companies Islamic, as well as the text on the authentic legal credit information reports.