The issues of "indigenous peoples" are one of the most prominent international issues that have attracted much international attention from international bodies and organizations. Their problems and challenges have been raised widely and in various areas - regional and global - have become the Effective of many international parties, its main organs or assistance and its specialized international agencies. The International Labor Organization (ILO) has been at the forefront of its efforts, for many centuries to be neglected and forgotten by the violation of its various rights.

The United Nations has played a major role in the formulation, promotion and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples through many of the major organs that comprise it. The General Assembly, which has the mandate over most of the Organization's activities, has exercised and continues to play a major and fundamental role in this area. The Economic and Social Council, In this regard, the activities of the two main organs of the Organization are carried out through many forms, including at the level of the adoption of the relevant legal rules, or provide the necessary financial assistance, and the allocation of the appropriate As well as the establishment of the bodies concerned, and finally the mechanisms of protection against violations.