The mediation gained great interest recently by jurists and scholars in order to search for the best ways to relieve on the convict and liabilities alike, the mediation association has resulted in all fields of life, especially in family life.

This study examined about the history of mediation, identity, types, advantages and objectives of the mediation, also it talked about the mediation as an alternative means to settle family disputes in the Jordanian Personal Status Law.

The researcher found in this study that the practice of the mediation is the strongest single administration in the dispute settlement movement, and that the goal of the mediation ultimate is to reach a solution of conflicts and disputes and improve the relationship between liabilities after reaching satisfactory agreements, but the Jordanian legislator omitted a lot of legislation that can make the mediation the best alternative means to resolve disputes.

The researcher recommends the need to re-examine a range of legislation on personal status with necessity of activating the application of the mediation as an alternative means to resolve disputes with necessity of activating the idea of case management at the Sharia courts.

Keywords: The mediation, Reconciliation, Arbitration, Alternative means

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