Sports events are very important these days due to the fans' passion in following and watching them, therefore it is unacceptable to stop or interrupt the broadcasting of these events.

There is no doubt that the cost of organizing such events is very high, hence it became a necessity to find ways to cover the cost. One of these ways is sponsorship contracts. And in order to get sponsorship, it is necessary to give sponsors the appropriate legal protection especially against ambush marketing.

The western jurisprudence has adopted several solutions to stop ambush marketing practices, such as registering sports events names as trademarks or considering them as well-known trademarks .Moreover, many countries that host major sports events have put special temporary legislations to protect these events. However, these legislations have been criticized because they are over protecting the organizers and sponsors.

My point of view is to put permanent legislations to protect sports events, not related to specific event, to achieve the balance between organizers and sponsors from one side and audience and the public from the other side