This new research deals with the Legal Aspects of the contract between the Web hosting companies and clients, especially that the Emirati Legislator did not regulate this issue in depth, principally the terms of its establishment, its obligations and commitment to the client owner of Website Hosted and its responsibilities and the contacts with clients. Therefore, we have to go back to the general rules of the Emirati legislation to apply it on these companies and contacts. It has be shown through this study that the application of the general rules of law in the area of tort liability of the hosting companies does not fit the legal nature of the legal system of these companies and does not consistent with the rapid development work in these companies. Furthermore, the application of these general rules would slow down the movement of activity of the hosting companies. We recommend at the end of this research to invite the UAE Legislator to intervene rapidly by providing a legal framework of these companies in order to regulate their legal responsibility

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