Abstract: (Part Two)

The Section II of this study was care to complete the practical side of the role of arbitration in the face of cases of economic imbalances to hold the investment, especially cases of force majeure and emergency conditions that would impede the contract for the interests of his parties, and that by showing the extent of the jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal in exposure to these cases, and the nature of powers to amend the investment contract, if they occur.

In a related development, this study sought to shed light on the issues presented to the international arbitration bodies, and the mechanism by which followed in dealing with the renegotiation of the terms of, and how to reconcile the conflicting interests of the parties to the contract to restore the balance.

On the other hand, this study refused to conclude its consideration of this subject, but exposure to the privacy provisions of the compensation due to the impact of the imbalance of investment contract, especially since it's not about the issuance of the fault of one party to the contract, as obliged him to make reparation for the damage to the other party, but respect is how to enable the injured party to recover benefit from the advantages of the contract after it caused an imbalance in the balance the damage done.