This paper aims to investigate the Term clauses in the marine cargo insurance contract as manifested in the new version issued by the Institute of London Underwriters and Lloyds committees in 2009. The importance of this research comes from the fact that most of the Arab Marine Insurance market, including Jordan, using the Institute Cargo Clauses for insuring the goods is shipped by sea. The term of the insurance cover is a corner stone in the marine insurance contract as it provides the commencement and the cases where the insurance terminates. The complicated dispute between the two parties of the marine insurance contract in the continuing and terminating the coverage may invoke legal disputes. In order to enhance the understanding of these new amendments, we need to explore these new Institute Cargo Clauses, which have become international clauses and interpret insurance contracts and avoiding the limited wording of the local marine insurance legislation concerning the term of the marine insurance contract.

Key Words; Institute cargo clauses, Duration clauses, Transit Clause, Change of Voyage, Jordanian Maritime Commercial Law