Criminal law is closely related to the other branches of Law for the sake of achieving the objectives of the legal system .The preparation and drafting stage is the most important stage of the legislative process. In fact, every mistake in the drafting leads to a legislative error, which in turn leads to a judicial error. Therefore, Criminal text must be devoid of any shortages, ambiguity or error, as the development of legislation to address all people of different cognitive levels and cultural backgrounds. It is imperative to use simple wording that is easy and clear to all. "The language of the legislation must be clear and concise, as complex language makes the legal text inaccurate and consequently makes a vague law leading to prejudice against the rights and freedoms. The legal drafting techniques have limited possibilities. Hence, the legislator must combine in legal wording between accuracy and the complete determination of the facts. Any ambiguity in the drafting of the rules contained in the criminal texts raises doubts in its interpretation which leads to the creation of crimes and the application of sanctions not intended by the legislator

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